Conference Equipment and Technology

Limited conference equipment is included in our conference packages:

  • Overhead Projector
  • Flipchart Stand


Conference Rentals are the in-house technical equipment supplier who expertly provide the latest in technical equipment and technology required by conference clients:

Conference Rentals
P O Box 11561


Simultaneous Interpretation System : An infra-red interpretation system for the simultaneous transmission of multiple languages to delegates using multichannel wireless receivers.

Multi-microphone Conference Discussion System : A daisy chained microphone system for multi-delegate input and discussion with wide ranging features to efficiently control meetings.

Public Address and Recording System : A public address system to integrate to the interpretation and or microphones for general sound reinforcement and recording.

Digivote : This system is used for voting and to determine audience response. It can be used at training courses, quiz shows, product launches and conferences.

Video: Data/video projectors (LCD), large screens, slide projectors, TV/VCR.

Office Equipment: PC’s and printers, internet access, photocopiers, fax machines.


  • Roving microphones
  • Lapel microphones
  • Podium, table and standing microphones
  • Sound systems with CD player, DVD player and digital recording

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